Luxury Finishes, Murals and Renovation

Luxury Finishes, Murals and Renovation

Luxury Finishes, Murals and Renovation Luxury Finishes, Murals and Renovation Luxury Finishes, Murals and Renovation

Specializing in Painted Skies l Fine Art Murals l Marble Columns

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Best of 2018 Knoxville Award


About the Artist

Artist, Designer, Muralist, Creative Director, Fine Artisan, Mural Designer, Decorative Painter

Jill Stone

Jill Stone has found success as an Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Designer, Artist, Muralist in Fine Art, Decorative Finishes, and Scenic Painting, Historical Restoration (preserving and replicating the appearance and proper use of various historical and innovative materials creating or restoring murals and sophisticated finishes such as marble, wood, metal or stone) Renovation, Public Art, Master Artisan Class Instructor, and Custom Mural Design for 17 years.  

Jill is a very proud mother of three children, grateful and inspired by Jesus and seeks God, peace and balance in all of her decisions. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management at Tusculum College as a single parent to achieve a goal and set an example for her daughter Brooke.  Minoring in Psychology with a concentration in Marketing has been key in understanding and relating to others. 

Before that, a Drafting and Design, and Welding Certification at Tennessee Tech was the foundation to drawing, design, space and architectural knowledge to go above and beyond technically. 

Throughout the Artisans/Craftsman's career, she gained numerous Human Resources, Business Law, Six Sigma Quality Processes, Doctor's Management Program and Electronic Medical Records Certifications,  Her first career as a single parent she began with  eight years in Human Resources for General Electric, Department of Energy (DOE), Texas Instruments.  Five years after Jill Stone Studios was established and  successful, she co- started a private medical practice start-up that successfully grew to five practices within five years.  

Each of those specific skills in quality, detail, processes, research, analyzing, problem solving, results driven, implementation and human relations to name a few, were obtained and added to her expertise along with her degree. They were monumental milestones for historical restoration and the renovation processes in the commercial and residential housing industry, various ranges of styles and trends from historical to modern and contemporary, as well as architecture, construction and code. An expertise in color theory and an in depth knowledge of substrates whether it is rock formations of any type of stone from Marble, Slate, Travertine to all types of wood for graining and sedimentation over time.  Decorative Industry specific; certifications in the business from highly technical to decorative classes in the Industry, one being "Outdoor Mural Technology Secrets" because of Jill's passion for the community; Public Art. Other Advanced Faux Painting and Painted Sky certifications as well as  constant researching to stay abreast of the latest Interior Design trends and styles for consistency and continuity, in the United States and globally, has all been integral to the Artisan's passion and successes.


Painted Skies, Decorative Painting (Faux Marble, Stone, Wood Grain, Metal, Brick, etc.) and Interior/Exterior Restoration and Renovations

  We create. We design. We restore. 

We innovate & renovate. We amaze. 

We're an independent, creative Fine Art, Mural and Decorative Painting studio that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers overall design. Applying seventeen years of experience, our team patiently researches your need, deeply considers your situation, pursues a creative solution collaborately, and expertly makes it real.

Every situation is unique. Every area is its own. Every setting deserves to be considered for its independence. Walls, Ceilings, Paint, Brick and Stone Renovation, Color, Columns, Murals, Themes, Repair Solutions, Furniture Surfaces -- we offer many options. Your need may require one or many. We take the time to consider your space and needs and craft an innovative design that is all you.

 "Bringing Visions to Life",

Jill Stone

Knox High Senior Living

Knox High, Senior Living

Brick Restoration for Dover Development

The ceiling on two atriums were removed leaving black tar. Many of the walls were destroyed as a result of time, power washing and various elements.

Intricate details. Trompe' L Oeil Murals, Decorative Marble, Stone, Historical Restoration, Renovation and "Painted Skies" are projects the Artisan and Designer is most proud because the dimensional paintings and restoration bring the viewer into the vision and state of mind or back in time portraying a story. 

Learning each clients' personality, needs and wants, the historical relevance for creating or recreating a space and feeling in time or timeless is key. Whether it is the implementation of restoration, replicating and renovation, or innovation, designing and creating it into a predictable, consistent high-level of quality detail, we together produce inspiration bringing visions to life!


#“Nail Spa” #Oak Ridge, 48 foot of painted skies, water and waterfalls encompassing a circular room with 20 Massage Recliners and a wine #bar.

Cityview Magazine

 “Learning the process of fine art painting inspires growth. It brings joy, relaxation, and peace while building self-esteem and self-worth.” 

 She is most passionate learning the history of what she is painting, and she truly loves helping people get the results they are looking for. Her favorite style of painting is Trompe’ Loeil. 

“Pat Summit” “Artist Jill Stone

Citizen Tribune

 Good Ole Days to debut local mural


Morristown East graduate Jill Stone is painting a Lakeway Area and Tennessee themed murals at Good Ole Days in Merchants Greene.

Shilante Carter, Citizen Tribune 

Where do local high school sports intersect with Tennessee legends like Peyton Manning, Pat Summitt and Phil Fulmer?


Knox News Dogwood House & Garden Show

Jill Stone Studios

Fine Art Murals & Decorative Painting

Jill Stone, Historical Renovation, St. John's Cathedral, Sky painted dome, Mural, Design, Artwork

St. John's Cathedral celebrates history in Knoxville

On the interior, the walls were repainted and replastered, the ceiling/upper area was repainted (including some new detail by artist Jill Stone), and the chancel area near the altar was redone to make room for the organ. As part of this, new matching slate flooring was laid.

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